After having a few issues with my first shipment, the company IKURAM reached out to me and sent me a 4 bike rack that comes with a stabilizer model which I strongly recommend. This is one of the most affordable bike racks you can find on the market and although the other brands that strap the wheel might be the most sure and secure method, they cost hundreds more. For the price that I paid, I am very satisfied with this bike rack and have transported my bike to multiple locations. The rack may rattle a bit especially when you go over speed bumps (without braking) but it is stable and your bike is not going to fall off.

Only feedback would be if they could use thicker pins to lock the bike rack into place -- and easier to use then the current pinch metal method. Also the bike straps can be a bit difficult to use at first because you must push the bike through the holes.

Will give recognition where it's due, and Vivian in Customer Service was a tremendous help!
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