About iKuram

iKuram, A firm of enthusiastic engineers, who loves life and chase simplicity, consistently developing well designed, easy to use products and innovative solutions with new technology.
Even though we look very dull, but we always radiate enthusiasm for everything we do. We believe no stupid thoughts, no great products.
iKuram always push the boundary of iKuram 3 standards which is heavy duty, safety and easy to go. iKuram provide top-class product with top-class standard to make you can easily enjoy happiness with your family. We do the hard work. Trust an engineer, trust iKuram. Whatever your passion, whatever your pursuit. Wherever you're going, fullest.
Enjoy happy, enjoy with iKuram.


IKURAM was founded with a simple mission: make it easy for you to "Live With Ease" and connect with the people you care for most.

Live With Ease

IKURAM is a family oriented company who has always had a passion for life and the outdoors. Made up of a group of enthusiastic engineers, we decided take our passions and turn them into well designed products and innovative solutions that simplified and made things easier to enjoy the things we love doing most. That's spending time outdoors biking, skiing, kayaking, camping, and more with our friends and family.


Go on, dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be who you wan to be. Live with ease.

We founded IKURAM with a simple mission to "Live With Ease" and connect with the people we care for most. A mission that puts family and those we love, first. One that makes getting your bikes to the trail or your canoe to the shore, easier and safely. One that applies to the most avid cyclist or the mom juggling two or three bikes for her kids. Today, IKURAM products perform when it matters most--whether that be a weekend of camping or just a leisurely ride through the park.