1. Will this fit on a Prius?

Our bike rack fits most vehicles with 2'' hitch receiver. If your car has 2" hitch receiver, then our bike carrier rack would work on it! Thanks!

2. How much weight can bike rack hold?

2 Bike/84lbs, 3 Bike/110lbs, 4 Bike/140lbs. Thanks!

3. What tools are needed to assemble this rack?

It comes with a disposable wrenches included, you can use wrench to install it, very convenient. Thanks!

4. Will this work with cruiser bikes and banana seat or Girl bikes?

Unfortunately that our bike rack can't fit this kind of bikes directly. But if you put bike adaptor on the bike, then our bike rack can fit the bikes you said. If you have other problems please reach out to us, we will be happy to serve you:) Thanks!

5. Does this come with a hitch lock and pin? Or do I need to purchase one separate?

It comes with a locking pin that is very easy to put on. It's very secure. About the hitch lock, you need purchase it separately. Thanks!



1. Will this work on elliptical crossbars?

Yes, of course!

2. How is the quality of this item?

The kayak roof rack is made from high quality anodized Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloys, lightweight, durable and rust-resistant, that can be really water-proof and anti-corrosion for longer time, which means you can reuse it every year. Thanks!

3. Where can i get the edited instructions?

You can ask our customer service for the newest instruction. Or you can see more information about the installation through our facebook link: https://fb.watch/3S-QiA-d4s/

4. Can bilateral kayak rack carry one kayak and one sup board at the same time?

Yes, absolutely, it will carry both at the same time, or you can put the arm down for the board alone as well as one kayak. Thanks!

5. I see that this will hold two kayaks and does have a paddle holder. can it hold two sets of paddles and two kayaks?

You stand up a kayak on one side and the other other on the back side. There is a paddle holder on each side so it would hold 2 paddles as well. Thanks!