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  • High Quality Steel with Heavy Coating —High-precision steel structure with strong protective surface coating to reduce erosion consumption.
  • Elastic Striped Rubber—Increase friction while protecting the kayak to prevent the kayak from falling when transporting.
  • Spring Press Design —It can be quickly unfolded or retracted in a short time with a simple pinch, no tool assistance is required.
  • Foldable and Portable—Folded by spring pressing quickly and easily, and can even be placed on your kayak to help you transport to your next destination.
  • Ball Bearing Tire Design—The brass ball bearing allows the wheels to run smoothly on rugged roads and you can almost easily push or pull your kayak with one hand.
  • Non-Slip Foot Support Design—Allow you to quickly place the kayak without holding the trolley, easy and safe.
  • 2 Free 3.6m Straps—Two 3.6-meter-long tough ties with adjustable clips come with the cart, providing the extra safety.