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  • Reinforced Nylon material withstands large amounts of weight and impact
  • Weight capacity up to 10 Tons on flat ground
  • Unique shovel feature helps remove sediment fast
  • Honeycomb and "z-shaped" teeth for superior durability. Effectively prevents side slip and provides extra traction
  • Unique nodules and channels on the bottom of the recovery board are suitable for most terrain
  • Compatible with most front, rear and all-wheel vehicles, as well as SUVs and ATVs
  • Bonus carrying bag for easy transport
  • Dimensions: 3' 49" L x 1' W

Reinforced Structure

Reinforced structure provide a solid reinforcement performance for the sand board, which plays an important role in strength, so that the sand board will not easily break and extend its life.

Excellent high and low temperature performance

Professional high temperature and low temperature resistant design, to ensure the use of high temperature and low temperature environment.

Easy Clean Design

Will not catch some dirty things, so cleaning is very simple, only need to rinse with a water pipe.

Get Out of Trouble Faster

Special tire boards's design allows you freeing a stuck vehicle without calling a tow truck when you remove as much excess snow, mud or other debris from the path of your vehicle’s wheels as you can before trying to free it.


* High Bearing Capacity

Reinforced strong Nylon Mixture can withstand high-strength weight and impact, thermostability and UV resistance make these built to last, offering intrepid resistance against impact and flex during recovery, capacity up to 10T on flat ground.

* Useful Shovel Design

The lower height on both ends design is complying with mechanical design principles, unique shovel feature remove the sediment fast when the stuck in desert or mud, and also ergonomic handles for shovel control.

* 108 Ultra Tough Cleats

Designed with hexagonal honeycomb and z-shaped teeth for superior Durability and increasing friction, effectively prevents side slip when the vehicle gets stuck, provide extra traction and resist instant melting.

* Unique Bottom Design

The nodules and channels at the bottom of the traction mats are suit most terrains, work with front, rear and all-wheel drive vehicles as well as trucks, SUVs and ATVs, offer ultimate firm base against prevent vehicle tires from spinning on snow, sand, mud or ice. 

* Bonus Carry Bag

Package included 2 brand new packs and comes with a storage bag for carrying, easy store them in the trunk or on the roof of your vehicle and take them anywhere, ideal for off-road use.


【Integrated Structure and High-quality Materials】

The imported reinforcing materials make the strength and toughness stronger, and the integrated structure is more able to stand the test and will not break easily.

The IKURAM traction pad adopts an integrated structure without a truncated design, which makes the entire product difficult to break from the middle; using 100% high-quality new materials, without doped with recycled materials, makes the entire sand board strength and toughness, not easy to deform, strong Indestructible.

【Protruding Anchor Points increases Friction and Provides Assistance for The Tire】

78 cylinders and 28 square protruding anchor points increase the friction and provide the tires with forward assistance.

The protruding square anchor points are designed on the arcs at both ends. While increasing the friction, it can help the tires squeeze forward. The cylindrical anchor points make the tires not slip and quickly help you jump out of trouble.