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  • Easy to assemble, no drilling or other tools for reinforcement, lightweight and easy to install.
  • The screw design at the bottom of the roof box strengthens the stability of the roof box, and ensures that the position remains unchanged even when encountering obstacles, speed bumps, and emergency braking.
  • Made of high quality aluminum and ABS material, lightweight and easy to install while the structure is strong, not easy to damage, very durable.
  • With a maximum storage capacity of 380L and a loading capacity of 50 kilograms, the roof box can provide more space for your car.
  • Roof box comes with anti-theft car lock, single side unlocking design to protect the luggage inside the box and improve safety. Double booster arm, cushion folding resistance arm to reduce the weight of the switch and extend the life of the switch.
  • Suitable for most vehicles with crossbars, such as cars, suvs, vans. Can protect your luggage or equipment from sun, rain or dust.